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Some of the questions we receive

How much will it cost to create a virtual campus?

It depends. Mainly, think about the number of platforms you want to target (Mac, Windows, Mobile, Web) and then picture the minimum amount of features you would like to have. We can discuss these! Book time with us here.

What is a virtual campus?

A virtual campus is a common meeting place where people are represented by avatars, they can use audio which works by proximity, and can join private work spaces. In these, they typically enjoy interactive screens with collaboration tools, so that work feels fun and distance is removed. Custom features are important in order to integrate the tools with other services or workflows, to make people more productive.

Can you reproduce a city for a virtual campus design?

We could, but we strongly advise against it. While we could take a city and scale it down, or reproduce a small section of it, it is something that usually takes a considerable amount of processing power. Doing so would mean that only users with the latest hardware will be able to run it effectively, and it will also require bigger amounts of bandwidth.

Can you submit the final product (app) to an App Store?

Yes. We can do that on your behalf, and handle any maintenance or updates for a small fee. Just know that our company name will be shown as publisher of the application, instead of your company name. This is set by each App Store and cannot be modified unless you obtain your own accounts.

Can we make sure we do not need to download an app?

Yes. This is called WebXR, and it means your campus will be accessed by users from any modern web browser, with no downloads required. However, it remains a light type of implementation, where more advanced features or graphic-intensive approaches are not compatible. The loading times become a factor, and the technology has limitations. Another thing to consider is that a virtual campus is designed to be much more than just a website, otherwise we would just build a simple website.

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